Hydraulic Auto Lifts Are Used For Extra Garage Parking Space

Published: 29th September 2010
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Usually garages are there to protect automobiles, cars and organize space effectively, but even the most carefully planned garages can suffer their space limitations. Both commercial and home owners may fill their garage with belongings, only to realize that no room remains for their cars and SUVs. In many suburban neighborhoods, ceiling clearances may be limited and vehicle heights restricted, which means homeowners and automobile enthusiasts still need to look for a space-saving solution. Car lifts for garages provide a versatile and reliable answer to private parking problems. Thus, hydraulic lift automotive systems are strong and safe and such hydraulic auto lifts make extra space in a garage without sacrificing good looks.

Popular design choice for car lifts for garages -

Steel, a strong but common material, is a popular design choice for car lifts because it keeps the structures affordable and accessible to most garage owners. Designs constructed of galvanized steel make it possible to include features such as dual hydraulic lifting cylinders and steel-on-steel locks, which make such hydraulic auto lifts attractive, safe and easy use to use.

Most car lifts for garages can be installed without any site preparation, so consumers in need of a hassle-free solution turn to them for car and SUV parking problems in residential garages. With little to no preparation, the perfect answer arrives and is ready to hold the car and start saving valuable space.

While choosing a hydraulic lift automotive system, garage designers and owners should look for flexibility of design in the event they change their garage configuration or purchase a new car one day. Useful and flexible features include a lifting capacity of at least 6,000 pounds, and the ability for a car lift to function without complicated chains and cables. Car lifts for garages come in a variety of sizes such as tall, low, narrow, and wide to accommodate the range of automobiles found in private home garages. In a typical car lift set-up, all cars and smaller SUVs fit on the lower level, while the upper level fits larger SUVs and minivans.

In the high-traffic family space of the garage like in office areas and shopping malls, safety is the most important aspect of car lifts for many garage owners. Specific safety features to look for, while investing in hydraulic auto lifts, include:

steel-on-steel locks that relieve hydraulic pressure in the raised position;
a manually operated lock release;
hydraulic safety valves (velocity fuses);
and key operator user controls with positive pressure up/down buttons.

It is also advisable to look for Car lifts for garages that offer warranties to cover the electrical, mechanical and structural functions of the lift. Although the structures are well built, garage owners want to be prepared for accidents and unexpected events.

Limited parking space can hinder the garage from serving its primary purpose of keeping cars protected. Thus owners should use car lifts for garages. These hydraulic auto lifts, made of strong steel, solves the parking space dilemma with an easy-to-use and safe hydraulic lift automotive system. http://www.hardingsteel.com

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